K.V. Williams and Larry Hammer opened their first c-store in Cherokee, Oklahoma, with a commitment to teamwork, community, operating fundamentals, and innovation.


They managed the Cherokee store together and formed the Hammer Williams Company, the parent company of Jiffy Trip. Hammer Williams began to grow, and with their commitment to innovation they became one of the first convenience store chains to offer hot coffee, an unheard of product for c-stores at the time.


Hot dispensed beverages, of course, became one of the driving sales areas not only to Jiffy Trip, but also of c-stores nationwide.



K.V. Williams continues as the Chief Executive Officer of the company, and his son, Kyle, who also began as a store manager in 1982, is President. 


Jiffy Trip experienced a loss in 2001 when Larry Hammer passed away, but what he taught while he was in leadership continues to resonate in what we do every day.


With excellent management at every level and the commitment to value, convenience, service, and community, Hammer Williams will continue to provide value and convenience to everyone who makes a Jiffy Trip stop.

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Jiffy Trip opened its doors in 1972 and is one of the strongest convenience store chains in Oklahoma. With over 40 years of experience, our family-owned business is committed to providing communities great value, convenience, and excellent customer service. Jiffy Trip operates 29 convenience stores across central and northwestern Oklahoma and looks forward to expanding the Jiffy Trip brand and value as opportunities arise.