A program built for your business

Save up to 5¢ per gallon when you use

  your Jiffy Trip Fuel Card.                 

Enjoy greater control of fuel expenses in real time.

Managing your vehicles and drivers is easier since you can:

-  Restrict purchases to Jiffy Trip stores

-  Authorize transactions using identification codes that need to be entered when making a purchase

-  Control the time of day and day of the week when each card can be used

-  Set purchase controls for each card - including the maximum number of transactions per day


Simplify fleet expense management with a program from Jiffy Trip

The Jiffy Trip Corporate Fleet Card combines the ease of consolidated fuel expense reporting with pay-at-the-pump acceptance.  And this card program is driven by Mannatec, one of the largest fleet card processors in the world. 


Get simple, easy-to-use reports.

All your account information is only a click away.

      -   One simple report shows transactions for all card users

      -   Full transaction details can be downloaded into your vehicle management system or database

      -   Access copies of invoices

Plus, you'll have access to:

      -   A daily email highlighting any exceptions to your fueling policies

      -   Friendly customer service representatives who understand your fleet business


Get your business going. It's easy!

Our sales representatives are always available to assist you with any set-up questions.  

Just EMAIL MARKETING and we will get the application information out to you.